School appearances


Rory is passionate about helping young people achieve their potential. He often struggled in school as he felt he wasn’t “book-smart” and often became distracted and labelled as a “messer” which can really effect a young person’s confidence

Rory talks about there being all different types of intelligence and the importance of knowing your self worth. He talks about taking risks, seeing opportunities and above all being happy and content with who you are”.

Rory’s talks

School Talks

Sharing his own personal journey in school, his low confidence and often feelings of failure. He will show the students what can be achieved through resilience, discovering your passion and believing in yourself.

LCA Workshops

As a proud graduate of the LCA system, a programme that allowed him to regain his self esteem in school, Rory designed this workshop to help build confidence through interactive role play “sketches” with students, allowing them to learn in a fun environment.


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